La Fouine est bercé par les mélodies écoutées par sa famille et développe ainsi, en grandissant, une oreille musicale et surtout une sensibilité à toute sorte de mélodies. À l'âge de huit ans, il est inscrit au cours de batterie au conservatoire de la ville de Trappes et prend ses premiers cours de solfège, avec la guitare comme instrument de prédilection. Inspiré par NTM, Kery James, Mobb Deep ou encore Snoop Dogg, il se met alors à écrire des morceaux et à les enregistrer, ce qui lui permet d'être repéré par d'autres rappeurs amateurs et ainsi de faire leur première partie dans les petites salles de quartiers. La Fouine, qui s'appelait à l'époque "Forcené", devient ensuite membre actif du collectif GSP et décroche le deuxième prix à un tremplin. En , grâce à deux amis, le rappeur produit et sort "J'avance", qui lui permet de se faire connaître dans la banlieue ouest parisienne.

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Biography[ edit ] Born in Trappes in a family of seven children to Moroccan parents from Casablanca , Laouni grew outside Paris in the Yvelines. He stopped his studies at the age of fifteen to devote himself to rap and took his first music lessons.

Since then, Laouni married, then divorced after becoming the father of a little girl, born in , named Fatima, named after La Fouine's mother. The death of his mother in inspired his song "Je regarde là-haut" He also experienced dark periods in foster homes and prisons. I became an insomniac for most of the time. But it did not take me to sleep with me, if the cops were looking for me directly. I slept with people in cars, premises, etc.. It was misery", he said to the magazine Planète Rap.

Career as a rapper[ edit ] Bourré au Son[ edit ] After releasing his first street-tape Planète Trappes that made him earn an early legitimacy in rap, he released his first album in called Bourré au Son strongly marked by the California style. The singles "L'unité" and "Quelque chose de spécial" meet critical acclaim and broadcast on many French radio stations.

The first single from this album was "Reste en Chien" with Booba. Today, this album is certified gold. Today, this album is certified platinum. Nowadays, this mixtape is certified gold. And the fourth from the album entitled "Papa" is a track where La Fouine speaks about his father. The fifth single was released on 21 January called "Les Soleils de Minuits".

La Fouine revealed the list of titles, but also the production of the album on 21 January Other notable rappers followed such as Sultan. La Fouine released a reissue of the album on June 15, While waiting his new mixtape Capital Crime Vol. The mixtape sold over 62, copies until March and was certified gold.

Meanwhile, he joined the group Trappes Stars created by his former manager Bodé. All gathered on a compilation mixed by DJ Battle. The first single from the album was "Paname Boss" and released on November 2, November 6, , La Fouine released the second single from Drôle de Parcours called "J'avais pas les mots". The third single is "Ma Meilleure" in featuring Zaho. In , the collective Team BS had a debuting charting success with the self-titled single "Team BS" alternatively known as "Vrai frères".

The release was accompanied by a music video. It is working on an album to be released in under the title Les affaires commencent. Clashes[ edit ] The clash with Kamelancien[ edit ] Early , La Fouine responded with his title "Ferme ta gueule" to Kamelancien who attacked him as "twisted face" in the song "Reste vrai".

Kamelancien soon turned up with his new response titled "Crise Cardiaque" and openly threatened him on a TV programme. This clash between the two Moroccan rappers, was a sort of clash with completely different style, one from Oujda and representing the Val-de-Marne and the other a native of Casablanca , representing the Yvelines. In the two rappers were reconciled and performed the song "Vécu" seen over 16 million times on YouTube. The clash with Booba[ edit ] Attacked by Booba , during the promotion of his album Futur according to him La Fouine "clashed" him on "Paname Boss" with a punchline.

While his album had been released quite a few months, Booba insisted on releasing the song "AC Milan", where he attacked La Fouine calling him a pedophile, calling Emile Louis Laounizi referring to Emile Louis and diffusing an extract of a video where the criminal record of La Fouine is revealed. La Fouine chose "Autopsie 5" to answer back Autopsie is the name of mixtapes series of Booba.

He chose to offer free the song explaining he did not want to make money on the clash. La Fouine spoke mostly about Booba's photo that had circulated on the Internet, in parodying his music. On March 10, , Booba broadcast the video of their altercation that took place in Miami. The rapper 50 Cent put the video on his website. La Fouine replied "LOL! I just learned that the uncensored version of the altercation with b2obeatrice runs on the Net, I'll wait to find it to put the video of the altercation between him, Dixon a friend of La Fouine and Booba on Facebook.

He highlighted passages that had been edited out by Booba where he runs away to escape La Fouine and Dixon. Relations and controversies[ edit ] On May 8, , in Belgium, at the Inc'Rock Festival, La Fouine spoke about an incident during his concert, where two young fans, thinking he had thrown plastic bottles at them with threatening words. La Fouine did not want to increase the tension by declaring: "Tonight, La Fouine, has come to give you love".

Meanwhile, the entourage of the rapper were seen punching and beating up the two teenagers behind the scenes, with one of them falling to the ground.

A policeman was also injured in the incident, while arresting the young man, mad with rage who wanted to retaliate taking revenge against La Fouine.

The scene was filmed by a spectator. The festival organization condemned the outbreak of violence, blaming the artist for his utterances.

It was claimed the entourage La Fouine attempted to remove the videos of the incident from various websites where they appeared. During the promotion for his album Drôle de Parcours, he said do not want a repeat of such incidents during his concerts. In , La Fouine was imprisoned. La Fouine was married to Fiona, but they divorced after having a daughter together born May 31, , named Fatima in honor of his mother.

La Fouine talked about this in "Je regarde là-haut".


Capitale du Crime Vol. 3



Capitale du Crime Vol. 3



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